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M & M Computer Solutions, LLC Offsite Backup Services is a secure online data backup with encrypts each file using 256 bit AES encryption technology. When you first install and configure the online backup service software, you will choose a 48 character strings that will then be converted into a 256 bit encryption key. Only you will have access to this encryption key. It will never be transmitted over the internet and it is never stored on our servers. This means that only you can access your online backup files. Each file that you backup is encrypted using this key and remains encrypted until you restore it and it returns to your computer.

How strong is 256 bit AES encryption? Well, let's put it this way. In June 2003, 256-AES was approved by the United State's National Security Agency (NSA) for use encrypting the U.S. government's documents classified "TOP SECRET."


In addition, the software communicates with the backup servers using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology. This is the same encryption technology used by internet browsers when a user enters a secured site such as an online bank. As a result, the online backup of data is encrypted twice. It is encrypted at all times using the 256 bit AES encryption, and it is encrypted again while it's being sent over the internet.


Your data is stored (in encrypted form) in two, Tier-4, SAS70 Type 2 certified, online data backup centers, located hundreds of miles apart from each other. Each data center has 24/7 monitoring and advanced security measures such as biometric controlled access as well as backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.





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